Serving the luxury goods industry since 1929

Alex-Ematek, true to its heritage and tradition …

ALEX-EMATEK has inherited the best enamelling and pearlizing technologies of the last century, including those developed by the Legentil-Crégut workshop. It has retained a passion for custom-made pieces in glass and crystal for the jewelery sector.

The company has archived hundreds of molds over the years, constituting a veritable museum to the creativity of the past, and inspiring current designs.

Its know-how is recognized today by obtaining the Labell Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant,

a pledge of quality and excellence.

… Looking to the future

Located in Loudun, close to the Futuroscope technology park, the company wholeheartedly embraces the same spirit of innovation and quality.

ALEX-EMATEK is one of the few companies to integrate the entire process from crystal composition to finished product, thus guaranteeing highly consistent production and quality.

The company takes immense pride in the loyalty that its prestigious customers have shown over several generations.