Our story

Alex Ematek is a company with a rich history

Alex-Ematek was founded in 1929 in Boulogne Billancourt by 2 young Armenian refugees, Alexandre and Vincent ALEXANIAN, who came from a family of jewelers from Constantinople.

After the premature death of his brother in 1935, Vincent continued to manufacture high-end imitation beads assisted by his wife Simone, well known to clients as « Madame ALEX ».

In 1970 Gérard ALEXANIAN, eldest son of Vincent, took the reins of the family business with his wife, Annette. He decided to relocate the company to Chinon in 1974, and then to Loudun in 1985. His objective was to give his company full control of the supply chain – from the grain of sand to the finished piece – in order to meet the demanding requirements of jewelry designers with short deadlines.

Alexanian brothers




The company was taken over by the Arc International crystal factory from 2002 to May


In 2009, 2 former employees, Vincent MARLIERE and Claudia FOUSSIER, took over the company with the support of the Arc International group in order to avoid closure.

Today, Alex-Ematek is recognized as a reference in the production of pearls and intricate glass pieces for many big names in the French luxury goods industry.